About Us

West Bank Apparel is Palestinian-Owned and established in 2014. Our singular mission: to offer our customers products that resonate with a sense of purpose and contribution to a greater cause. We offer a diverse range of products, from Clothing & Jewelry, to Accessories & Home Décor, promising something you'll absolutely adore.
Every item you purchase carries with it the power to effect change in the lives of our brothers and sisters in need. With each sale, a portion is donated to food, water and healthcare aid for Palestine, via different charities.
Throughout the year we actively support campaigns that aid Palestinian refugees and orphans, via organizations such as IRUSA, PCRF, and UNRWA.
A minimum of 15% of profits is donated to these programs.
By standing with us, you become an integral part of our journey towards making a lasting impact for those who require assistance the most. Together, we envision a brighter future and a world where kindness knows no bounds.