Minimum Of 10% Profits Donated To Charity
FREE SHIPPING IN USA I Minimum Of 10% Profits Donated To Charity

West Bank Apparel is making an effort to aid in the lives of our refugee brothers and sisters. With your help we will be donating to different campaigns throughout the year, easing the hardships refugees and people in need go through everyday. 10% of All Profits will be donated to these Charity Programs. 

First we will be contributing to the UNRWA (United Nations Relief & Works Agency). Through this program your contributions will be applied to the following programs:

  • $35 can feed a family of five for one month in Gaza

  • $65 can ensure a refugee child has access to school for a year

  • $140 can feed a family in Gaza for the entire winter

  • $285 can provide clean water for hundreds of refugees for a week

  • $500 can enable a refugee doctor to see hundreds of clinic patients

  • $1,250 can cover a refugee student’s university tuition for a semester

For more information on the UNRWA or to donate directly, please visit their website at: